We are a young company established in 2010 and specializing in the manufacture of packaging. Since the beginning of business activities, we have been focusing on cooperation with tea packaging companies in Baltic region. By providing tea producers with packaging materials (printed envelopes, cartons and sticky labels) we have gained invaluable experience. Moreover, in 2013 we acquired a square bottom bag* making machine.

Since 2014 Litprint has been certified to ISO 9001:2008/2015 management system standard and to the management of hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs standard EN 15593:2008 / LST EN 15593:2008 for the manufacture of packaging products.

Employees of Litprint company are professionals with degrees in management, engineering fields and with considerable experience in the package printing sector.

Our goal is to provide customers with such bags that would enable them to solve key tasks in marketing, safe packing and logistics. To achieve this we are developing technologically innovative methods of manufacture, we also keep improving equipment and the process of manufacture.

The result of our activities is very strong bags of exclusive print and precise measurements for a reasonable price and in quantities acceptable to customers.

The successful growth of the company has been determined by the cooperation with the largest tea packaging companies in Baltic countries: SKONIS IR KVAPAS, PRESTO PREKYBA, BARGI, ACORUS CALAMUS and other companies.

The immediate plans of the company include the production of new types of bags. At present we are actively engaged in producing printed bags of a larger size.

We believe that the continuous development of our company will add to the successful growth of our customers.

Scanpack 2015

Scanpack 2015

From October 20th to 23rd of 2015 JSC “Litprint” participated in the Scanpack exhibition in Sweden. The company represented Lithuania at the Lithuanian National stand. At the exhibition JSC “Litprint” introduced its products: laminated paper bags with print, paper bags with windows, kraft bags, envelopes for tea and sugar stick packaging. In addition, the company established more than 40 potential business contacts and met existing customers and raw material suppliers in the Nordic markets.

Terms and Conditions for Provision od Services

* Square bottom bags are very handy: the square bottom ensures a steady sitting of the packaging on the shelf; such bags are convenient for keeping products and using them little by little; the package is easy to open and close.