Quality Printing

High-resolution printing plates and printing inks supplied by the best manufacturers are used in the process of printing; as a result, even the tiniest details look perfect, while colors are very bright.

Precise Measurements and Strength

Modern equipment is used to form and glue bags; therefore, the measurements of a formed bag are very precise.

Quality Guarantee

All the stages of manufacture from producing and coordinating design to the end product are thoroughly supervised through standardized processes.

Safe Materials

Materials for the manufacture of packaging (paper, foils, inks and glue) are acquired solely from reliable manufacturers and have certificates of conformity.


More Colors

We print up to seven CMYK colors, Pantone or metalized colors.

Wide Selection of Materials and Surfaces

We may coat the material of a printed bag (Kraft, glossy, matte or metalized paper) with glossy or matte varnish, or have it gloss or matte laminated.

Printing Without Limits and Integral Style for Packaging

We will print different bags for every sort of your products.

Barrier Properties of Packaging

The materials we offer will ensure safety necessary to your product against undesirable external effects, they will also help to sustain aroma and colors.



Litprint has been certified in accordance to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and EN 15593:2008 standard for the management of hygiene in food packaging production since 2015.

Litprint ISO 9001
Litprint EN 15593

Litprint has been certified as a producer and seller of FSC® certified products (licence No. FSC-C159910) since 2020. Litprint has the possibility to offer FSC® certified packaging, packaging blanks and bags, produced from paper and/or Natureflex materials.

Litprint FSC


Variety of Sizes

Bag sizes are chosen considering the amount of products to be packed and the requirements for the exterior of the packaging. Available sizes are from 50x30x150 to 120x90x360 (width x side width x height, mm).

Less Packaging Costs

Information on every product will be printed on bags of an individual design; as a result, there will be no need for additional self-adhesive labels.

Less Stock

We will print small (as of 30 thousand pieces) amounts of bags and thus we will reduce your costs of investment in packaging stock.